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Professional House Cleaning and Maid Service in North Scottsdale

Haden Maids was designed for couples and families that are “on the go.” Our clients are busy people, with busy lives, and need some extra time during their week to help keep their lives in motion. Everyone knows that Scottsdale is one of those lifestyles that keeps people on the move. So who has time for house cleaning in Scottsdale? Obviously, not many people, or maid services and house cleaning services wouldn’t be so popular in Scottsdale. And you are correct. But that doesn’t just apply to Scottsdale residents seeking maid service or looking to have their homes cleaned on a regular basis. This applies to our Cave Creek residents, as well as Carefree.

And who wouldn’t want an extra couple of hours during the week? That pretty much applies to everyone that we know, including ourselves. Having a maid service allows you to free up your schedule to pursue the activities that you and your family enjoy doing. Wouldn’t you rather be out on a family trip to the zoo, or maybe a day of golf for you and your husband?

You don’t have to be a professional business person to want professional home cleaning services. Many of our clients are retired, or just don’t have the time to accommodate the demands of todays house cleaning. And many homes are too large for just one person to take on themselves. And that is where Haden Maids House Cleaning can come in handy. We can help you with any of the following home cleaning projects that you may have:

  • Event pre-clean or post clean up
  • Special occasion
  • Season arrival or departure
  • Spring Cleaning, End of Summer Clean up
  • Pets
  • Other

We can help you out in any cleaning situation that you may be anticipating. So don’t hesitate, give Haden Maids a call today!